How to save fuel

Car expenses weigh heavily on the family budget, which is why it is important to understand how to save fuel, in addition, vehicle exhaust gases are one of the main sources of pollution in the city atmosphere, one more reason to minimize the waste of petrol. The car has become an extension of being a citizen and too often we do not realize that, in urban traffic, the car is so slow that on short journeys, the time difference compared to walking is really small. Let's do two calculations, if we reach a place by car in 10 minutes - considering the time for parking -, we could most likely take 20 minutes on foot and if we are healthy adults, without walking problems, a few more steps will not could do us good: for a reasonable state of physical health, a man should walk at least 10,000 steps a day, in addition to the activities carried out daily, therefore rediscovering the pleasure of walking will make us feel better, as well as make us save fuel. Another practical and healthy means of transport is the bicycle, it is sustainable and adapts perfectly to the urban environment because it definitively eliminates the problem of parking, moreover, according to the data disclosed at the 2nd Conference of the City Club for Bike Sharing, currently in There are about 130 stations in Italy to be able to borrow a bicycle.

It's important "thing"You drive, ecological vehicles consume less but the"how" let's drive. Driving style influences the consumption of petrol more than we can imagine, consequently it can work in our favor if we are trying to save fuel. It is known that gasoline consumption grows exponensively with speed, so it is good to be careful especially on suburban roads and on the motorway. Respecting the speed limits is useful for road safety and personal economy, a nervous driving makes you consume more petrol, wear brakes, clutch and tires faster and damage the entire vehicle. For save fuel it is important to keep driving more relaxed, so we avoid going from one traffic light to another with fast starts and abrupt braking; another very common mistake is that of gears, the car consumes less in high gears and it is advisable to use the gearbox to "go up" as soon as the engine reaches 2,000 rpm.

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