Unemployment? The green sector takes care of it

The Italian economy could find an excellent ally in sustainable sector which, according to estimates, could help defeat the phenomenon of unemployment. In 2011, 38% of the expected recruitments concerned professionals connected to the green world. The year left behind saw 600,000 hiring forecasts and of these 227,000 were aimed at professionals in the sustainable sector, unveiling it was Unioncamere which reports the difficulty of companies in finding truly qualified individuals. The work is there but i professionals are in short supply. As stated in a press release edited by the companies Symbola and Unioncamera:

"The sectors linked to sustainability in the strict sense, but also an ecological reconversion of our national economy - a very necessary and essential process - seem to be important levers not only to get out of the crisis and restart economic growth, but also to generate employment "

This is not just gossip, the press release takes up the data of the GreenItaly Report, in fact, according to this data, about 24% of Italian companies have already invested heavily in technologies and green products and investments don't have to end yet. The press release continues:

"Of the 227 thousand recruitments attributable to environmental sustainability planned for this year by companies across the whole of Italy, about half, equal to 97,600 units (16.4% of the total), are linked to" green professions " strictly speaking, that is, those of the renewable energy sectors, water and waste management, environmental protection, and more mobility and sustainable construction, energy efficiency "

Paradoxically, job offers are concentrated in the South, with small and micro enterprises (from 1 to 49 employees). The sector with the most offer is the construction industry followed by the manufacturing industry. Also, work in the sustainable sector it means establishing an open-ended employment relationship, which is revealed by the GreenItaly relationship itself.

"The more environmentally-friendly companies tend to consolidate the employment relationship, formalizing with the workers expected to enter in 2011 in professions attributable to the green economy open-ended contracts to a much greater extent (in 48% of cases compared to 43% for those employed outside the green professions): that is to say that environmental attention is often pandant to enhancing the individual and his work ".

As this is a new sector, companies report a great difficulty in finding professional roles adequate. The educational offer on the Italian scene is adequate, in fact, for the 2011/2012 academic year, 193 degree courses on environmental sustainability are active, also in this case most of the degree courses are located in the South.

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