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Expo 2015, the Milan fair worth 40 million euros

The Expo to be held in two years in the industrial capital of Italy cannot be defined "the Milan Fair“, The term fair is not only an understatement but also misleading. L'Expo 2015 will be a Universal Exposition of a non-commercial nature that has the role of exhibiting the major technological innovations in order to interpret the collective challenges to which humanity is called to respond.

Therefore, Expo 2015 cannot be considered a simple one Milan fair, it is rather a universal exhibition that will see, among other things, the setting up of one Digital Smart City with the creation of next-generation networks and an ultra-broadband wireless infrastructure capable of involve the entire city.

With Expo 2015, Milan will become one Digital Smart City with application models that can be created in every urban area. The Digital Smart City will bring wi-fi coverage throughout Milan and foresees an investment of approximately 40 million euros. The leading company in the creation of this network is the Cisco System, and confirmed its partnership with Expo Milano.

"The possibility of being a partner of Expo 2015 - underlines David Bevilacqua, CEO of Cisco Italy - is a further confirmation of our commitment and investment towards the development of our country, as well as the realization of our vision for the creation of a new and innovative urban planning model, which has as its primary objective the sustainable development of cities ".

The project Digital Smart City it is the heart of the Universal Exposition of Milan but it will not be the only innovation. The theme will embrace all the great scientific and technological advances that are at the gates of our future and that aim to feed the planet in a sustainable way.

Video: EXPO 2015 Milano. Future Food District (October 2020).