Expo 2020

Milan, Expo 2015 for a sustainable Earth

L'Expo 2015 is titled "Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life"And three years after the inauguration of the Milan Expo, one wonders if the International Exposition will really be able to change the perspectives of our life. The qualities on paper are all there but three years for the organization may be few and negatively affect theMilan Expo they are also the old economic policies; despite everything, the 2015 Expo remains a more than rare opportunity to establish a new relationship between citizen and city and again, a new relationship between city and countryside so as to trigger a mechanism of production and consumption within the same city.

While solutions are expected from the new CAP (Community Agricultural Policy), theExpo 2015 aims to develop solutions to food crises and financial distortions on food prices. As Professor Pier Sandro Coccinelli, microbiologist at the Piacenza Faculty of Agriculture explains, today unfortunately there is not even a gram of food surplus and even countries like China and India are increasing their living conditions by eating meat at least twice a week. Seven kilograms of grains are needed to produce one kilo of chicken meat. Professor Coccinella highlights "The intention to rethink a city that is fertile in ideas and food production, also with a view to solidarity and international cooperation. It is clear to everyone how the modalities of today's cooperation in the sectors concerning Expo, that is food and environment, show mechanisms with some problems and must be rethought in an innovative way. In my opinion, it is necessary to reprogram the food production chains ยป.

This is how the food crisis will fall onMilan Expo igniting the need for scientific-technological innovations in the agri-food chain so as to increase production and decrease the harmful environmental impact. While it is hoped that Expo 2015 will work as a turning point for global sustainability, it must be said that one thousand hectares of land, equal to 1400 football fields, represent the green surface that has been sacrificed in the last eight years in the area that in three years will host theInternational Exhibition west of Milan; plus overbuilding, in view of theMilanese event, is likely to increase.

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