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Re-Cycle on display in the Capital

It started last December and will run until April 29, 2012. It is an exhibition that enhances exemplary projects by recycling of architecture, cities and landscapes. The works of artists, photographers and media producers will frame the exhibition.

To host the "Re-Cycle, strategies for architecture, the city and the planet" It will be there MAXXI Architecture of Rome. The exhibition aims to demonstrate that recycling is one of the greatest generators of creative innovation that takes care of the environment, the economy and the entire society while safeguarding human health. Between exhibitions more in vogue, there is a wagon of a train than in the mentality of Re-Cycle becomes a mountain restaurant. The sheets used for the X-rays of Russia during the Cold War have been reworked and transformed into discs that host the songs of Jimi Hendrix and again, a landfill transformed into a park.

Recycling, in the architectural and landscape field, is called "Recovery Architecture", Among the most ambitious projects is the transformation of old oil platforms into eco-resorts or, fragments of airplanes furnished and set up to become bars or reception facilities. Making the recycling a mass phenomenon would be ideal for the entire Earth ecosystem.

To the Re-Cycle Among other things, the photos of Pieter Hugo denouncing the reality of the Ghana landfill, defined as a permanent error (Permanent Error) and the exhibition dedicated to the projects of Ludovico Quaroni, held by the Olivetti Foundation for the Sandbanks of San Giuliano in Mestre.

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