How to furnish a large living room

The lounge area, unlike the kitchen or the bedroom, it is a room created exclusively for relaxation; it is an environment where you can spend free time, alone, with family or friends. Some people claim they don't feel good in their salon, many families treat it as a dead zone, sometimes it is described as difficult to to furnish because too big. There are some tips to follow to understand how to furnish a living room making it more comfortable for us and for our guests, to start we start from the perimeter to see how to furnish windows, walls and floor.

Windows. If there are windows, you can start your furnishing work right here. Choose the curtains that best suit your tastes, rigid, fabric or even better, a pleated: an intelligent alternative that adapts to any type of window. Different models are spreading on the market, from classic to sporty, so as to adapt to every style of home. The material, being pleated, can stretch to any desired length and then compress to make room for light. There are transparent, blind, translucent or opaque pleats, to create dimly lit environments. The innovation of the plissé is to make the lounge area cooler in summer and warmer in winter, thus helping air conditioners and home heating.

The walls. If you don't feel like repainting but are tired of the solid color, themodern furniture offers you the right solution: a wall tattoo. There are models in plain or bright colors. I "wall tattoos”Are applications that can represent various subjects (a plant, a painting, but also themed decorations such as a Christmas tree or a Holloween pumpkin), in different materials: velvet, crystals, glossy films and so on. The advantage of wall applications is that they can be installed and removed very easily.

The walls can be furnished with paintings or photographs, yours lounge area it is large so you should be careful in choosing the formats, if you want to put photos, then choose a well-defined area and expose various photographs of different formats. A particular picture is represented by the "console fireplace", An artificial fireplace which, although not a real fireplace, can still give heat if placed next to a wall radiator or placed near a low table with simple candles. Do not exclude the possibility of mounting shelves to place your favorite books on them.

The floor. A carpet could give the room a real touch of style. The carpet must be small in size and serves to give value to what lies on it; therefore it doesn't have to be big, on the contrary, it has to accommodate just a particular table or chair.

The center of the living room could be furnished with a table, a sofa and the classic relaxation corner, an evergreen for the living room is made up of "Zen", stones or plants. The interior objects must be few but refined. If necessary, add lamps to make the environment even brighter: being able to adjust the light will transform the living room in a warm and welcoming environment.

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