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Bio Building

Ecological house, an example of Built Green

We are talking about the "Backyard House", a real jewel of sustainable construction. It stands on a hill in the heart of Seattle in Elliott Bay and overlooks the city with its breathtaking architecture and modern, eco-friendly design.It was designed by Thomas Schaer of Shed Built and can be called a example of built green with lots of environmental and low social impact certifications.
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What is the Carbon Footprint of a bottle of Montepulciano?

How much does a bottle of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano drunk in Shanghai impact on the environment? What if toast to San Francisco? What if the wine was drunk in Brazil? This is revealed to us by a calculator, a simple and quick tool to use, which by connecting to the internet via a web-tag on the label (readable by any smartphone) allows you to access the application that indicates the amount of emissions related to the consumption of that bottle. in that place.
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How to raise laying hens on the ground

Oviposition is increasing in the spring. It is here that special care must be given to the hens also because, in this period, all the animals are reproducing. Those who have a campaign available must not miss the possibility of raising laying hens, in shelters or on the ground.
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Sustainable holidays

What does it mean to choose a sustainable holiday and what are the steps we can take to make our holiday more eco-friendly? More than a trend, sustainable holidays are a sense of respect for the environment. About a quarter of the carbon dioxide we produce, in fact, derives from the emissions generated by car travel and it is necessary to reverse the trend if we want to save the planet.
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Organic food

Organic or non-organic? This is the dilemma

When you eat, do you really know what you are ingesting? What's inside your food? Nutrition is necessary for human survival, but when we introduce nutrients into our organism, along with them, we also eat pesticides, hormones and other substances that are very bad for our health.Food plays an important role in life us, both from a qualitative and quantitative point of view.
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Discovering the historical heritage of public transport

"The Italian industry is still a point of reference for the quality of projects and products in the railway, tramway and subway fields, it is therefore a priority to keep the memory and testimony of the path taken so far to know how to learn and therefore to to progress". This was supported by Riccardo Genova, of the CIRT Institute of the University of Genoa, dean of the Italian Railway Engineers College, one of the organizers of MobilityTech who traces a panorama of the Italian historical heritage in terms of public transport, a wealth and pride of which citizens they are perhaps still little aware.
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